Mountain View

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current instrumentation:

  • Vocals: Erin@kompoz (female), Jens Kaufmann (male)
  • Bass: Jens Kaufmann
  • Guitar (rhythm): Shreddage II (Impact Soundworks-VSTi)
  • Guitar (lead/solo): RealLPC (MusicLab -VSTi)
  • Keys/FX: EZKeys (Toontrack-VSTi), The Giant (Native Instruments-VSTi)
  • Drums: EZDrummer 2 (Toontrack-VSTi)

versions online:

Mountain View [2015-05-01]

The heartbeat of this actual project – based on an airplane crash in March 2015

  • first rehearsal of this song
  • Many VSTi have to be replaced by human beings (Contribute!).
  • There are no lyrics so far – only the topic is known: The suicide of a German Wings pilot in April 2015.
  • I am looking and open for vocal contributions!

All about this song and it’s current status on the project page!