Sleeping Beauty

current instrumentation [2018-10-04]:

  • Bass: Jens Kaufmann
  • Guitar (rhythm): Jens Kaufmann, Shreddage II (Impact Soundworks-VSTi)
  • Guitar (acoustic): AGT (AmpleSound-VSTi)
  • Guitar (lead): Peter Campen
  • Keys/Mellotron: EZKeys (Toontrack-VSTi)
  • Vocals: Alice Minguez
  • Drums: EZDrummer 2 (Toontrack-VSTi)

versions online:

Sleeping Beauty [2018-10-04]

New version with awsome vocals by Alice Minguez. Thank you!


Lyrics based on poems by Mathias Claudius and Theodor Fontane
(translated by Dorothee and David Burnett)


[Prelude: Struggling with Death]
Go, savage man of bone!
I am still young

It’s all over! alas, it’s all over now!
Go, savage man of bone!
I am still young – go, devoted one!
And do not molest me.

[Main section: Struggling with Life]
Oh, do not cloud these days,
They are the last of Sunshine,
How long, before your light is gone,
And our winter sets in.

This is the time when every day
Is measured and truly valued,
Because one dare no longer hope,
That the same hour will return.

The flood of life is gone,
It ebbs in its pride and charm,
And look, it sneaks into our senses,
A frightful, unknown stinginess;

A sweet covetousness, that counts,
And checks each for its lustre,
Ensure that we have not missed,
And grant us every hour in full.

He told me:
Give me your hand, you fair and tender form!
I am a friend; I do not come to punish.
Be of good cheer! I am not savage.
You shall sleep gently in my arms.